BottomsUp Rum


Distilled and Bottled in
South Carolina

Our Story

This is where we would talk about the history of the company or the story behind it all. The inspiration of BottomsUp and it’s Rum. Remember the goal for this section is to be easy to read. The paragraph(s) do not have to be super long, I can always adjust the design of the type layout to fill this space. I chose the golden color to correspond with the “RUM” on the front. Gold is also a color that can represent higher quality. Let me know if you like the type to be this color or if you want me to try something else from the brand. The blue background color for this section I drew from the water. This when printed should hopefully tie everything together with the label being clear. The cattail image above might look somewhat lighter or duller than anything else. I wanted to try to illustrate that it would be printed on the inside of the label wrap. You can lightly see the duck as well which is part of the front label.
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